Professional Electric Fencing Solutions in Kenya

Cost of Electric Fence in Kenya

SECURE your dream home or business, we highly recommend installing electric fence to help secure your assets and peace of mind. We offer electric fence installation in Kenya at affordable cost. 

If you prefer to only buy the electric fence materials only, we got you.We supply electric fence materials such as energizer, w strainer posts, supports, strainers, ht wire, undergate cable ,siren kit and energizer circuit protection eg Tv guard or AVS 30.We offer same day electric fence materials delivery countrywide via courier service of choice.

The cost of electric fence varies depending on factors such as your plot size ,location, type of electric fence to be installed(top wall electric fence or stand alone electric fence),source of power(electric or solar powered ) and any extra customization you may request.

Talk to us on 0111 604 324 when ready for electric fence installation for site visit, quotations and installation. We also offer electric fence repair and maintenance services.

Fence Energizer Machines

We supply and install the following electric fence energizer machines in Kenya in one zone, two zone or four zones models: Hammer EZ630, EZ640, EZ680, CPS002, CPS004; JVA Z13,Z14, Z28; Stafix X2, X3, X6i, X12i, X18i; Nemtek Druid's; Gallagher's Medal 501.

Fencing Accessories

Electric Fencing Accessories in Kenya include; insulators, Gate Contracts, Electric Fencing wires (1.6mm, 2.5mm or 4.0mm), Under-gate Cables, Siren Kits, Sliding Gate Contacts,W's Post Insulators (riveted); End Strainers' Post Insulators; Porcelain End Post Insulators; Pop-Em Insulators.

Top Wall Fence

Top Wall Electric Fence is installed on top of a stone perimeter wall. In Kenya, Top Wall Electric Fences are of a standard height of 1 meter but they can be done upto a height of 1.5 meters. In addition, razor wire (450mm-980mm diameter) is usually incorporated in the installation to increase the level of security.

Solar Fence

It is possible to run your electric fence exclusively using solar power. We can design a solar electric fence for a home or farm that will run everyday and night whole year round using solar power. Contact us on 0111 604324 for this amazing solution. Take advantage of year round solar power and install a solar power fence in Kenya today.